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XLINK is positioned as a global enterprise-level IoT cloud platform. It is aimed at providing full-stack IoT solutions for enterprises including software, cloud platforms and bid data services, helping enterprises to easily and safety connect devices, rapidly develop IoT applications, extracting values out of IoT data and realizing business insights.

As the No. 1 brand of smart life IoT cloud platform, Xlink cherishes “enabling enterprises to have the power of IoT” as its mission, focuses on smart life scenes, puts people first, uses life as radius, and serves consumer and commercial device manufacturers and device operators. The platform now offers a series of IoT solutions, including smart home cloud service solutions, smart commercial device management solutions, and the unified platform solutions for smart communities and smart real estate. Besides, it also provides more extension services for customers regarding the key solutions. By January 2018, the platform had served over 2,600 consumer and manufacturing brands and top real estate brands, provided access to over 100 types of devices, developed over 70 IoT core ecosystem partners and established over 130 real estate hardware ecosystem partners, becoming the leader of IoT cloud platform.

Released X-Link Platform 1.0
Connected over 10 Million Devices
E-House (China) Strategic Investment
Released X-Link Platform 3.0
Served over 2000 enterprises
Completed Series B Financing
Released X-Link Platform 5.0
Established strategic cooperation with Top real estate enterprises such as Country Garden
Media reports
XLINK smart home community solutions empower enterprise digital transformation
On August 30, XLINK IoT Platform hosted IoT “Empowerment” Salon and 2017 New Product Sharing Meeting in Shanghai, and invited representatives from over 60 top enterprises to attend the event and carry out in-depth exchanges. Mr. Yuan Weidong, CTO of Greentown, Mr. Yao Shangming, CTO of Poly Real Estate, Mt. Mao Biao, CTO of KONKA Group attended the event as the representatives of XLINK’s strategic clients and guest speakers.
IOT platform XLINK: Provide mature PaaS + SaaS services is our value
XLINK, which specializes in data applications based on IoT Scenarios, mainly services customers to help realize the value of data for customers themselves.
XLINK won Shanghai CIO Union “Annual IoT Cloud Platform Technology Innovation Award”
On June 23, XLINK was invited to attend SHCIO summit themed on “Cross-Industry Integration Gathering Strength for Future Development”. This event gathered 300 elites from various industries all over the world to discuss the trend of future development.
Dialogue with Shen Nanpeng She said: “Public welfare is the original intention. It is invaluable to get this reward”
It has been 12 days since the end of [Shen Nanpeng Lunch Time] Online Action jointly held by BAZAAR Stars Charity Night, SINA Weibo and Ku Pai. On the afternoon of August 31, we met the caring bidder Ms. Sammy Lei at the Half Garden of Shanghai Tower and interviewed her after lunch.
XLINK “Intelligent Manufacturing” Salon: How IoT technology enable intelligent real estate operations
With the coming of big data times (DT), the traditional real estate industry has also started various technological innovations, from smart home to smart community, then to smart business. Interconnection has been realized between home, property management and the owner through IoT. Big data has gradually revealed its enormous values in various links of the real estate industry, including the business model, property, design and marketing.
XLINK joined hands with Poly Real Estate to develop the new model of intelligent real estate management
On February 21, Poly Core Intelligence Platform and XLINK IoT Platform hosted a signing ceremony on “Poly Property Smart Community Project” at Guangzhou Poly International Plaza. CEO Ms. Sammy Lei, VP Mr. Li Jinlu and the project team of XLINK as well as General Manager Mr. Li Jiahe, Directors of Poly Core Intelligence Platform Mr. Yao Shangming and Xu Junbo and COO Mr. Li Rongjiang of Poly Property jointly attended the signing ceremony
XLINK IoT technology was utilized by Poly Property, opening up the new model of intelligent property management
The property management industry has entered into its “Golden Decade”. The real estate industry has also come into the age of internet + and IoT. The cooperation between XLINK and Poly Real Estate symbolizes the mature implementation of XLINK IoT Cloud Platform in the real estate industry.
[Exclusive] Completing Series B financing, XLINK plans to mine the values of IoT data through SaaS services
With the development of the IoT industry, enterprises can get three advantages through IoT: Lower operating cost, increase production efficiency and expand into new markets or develop new products through data feedback.
XLINK IoT Platform completed Series B financing, aiming to mine data values for enterprises through SaaS-based IoT services
XLINK, a leading enterprise in intelligent hardware cloud service platform, is a third-party platform oriented towards the needs and interests of manufacturers. As mentioned by XLINK’s CEO Sammy Lei during interview, XLINK is an entrepreneurial technology company. Its R&D focuses on the PaaS and SaaS of IOT, providing necessary platform software and data services for intelligent hardware.
XLINK: How to create business values with the help of IoT platform
It has been known to all that the IoT market is huge. According to IDC predictions, by 2020 the IoT industry will reach USD 1.7 trillion. Both traditional manufacturers and technological manufacturers want to take a share in the IoT market. On the software and hardware parallel session of The Third IoT Conference held by the elecfans of HuaqiangJufeng, XLINL’s marketing director Ms. Dai Xiaoqian delivered a speech on “How to create business values with the help of IoT platform”.
Sammy Lei from XLINK: IoT Platform, the core link for data value realization
In the IoT industry chain, IoT platform, which is at the juncture of information and data, is its core link and attracts considerable attention. Relying on rapid market response, IoT platform start-ups represented by XLINK have gradually developed their core competitive edges in the industry segments to realize IoT needs for traditional enterprises. XLINK, which entered into the industry early, solved such problems as the transmission of data from devices to platforms and empowering customer independent development, providing commercial and consumer customers with full-stack IoT solutions.
Product concept
Honors and qualifications
One of the first group of APN partners of AWS (Amazon Web Services) in China
2016 IoT Solution Award by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
2017 China Home Appliance Industry Chain Supplier Outstanding Contribution Award
Core member of the Cloud-to-Cloud Interconnection Work Group of China Household Electrical Appliances Association
2017 “Innovative Product Award” by China Smart Home Industry Alliance”
ISO 27001 International Information Security Management System Certification
Member of Zhejiang Association for IoT Industry
Member of China Household Electrical Appliances Association
Co-organizer of Property Management magazine
Guangdong high-tech enterprise
One of the Top 100 IoT enterprises in Guangdong Province
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