Over 2600 enterprises have chosen XLINK.

They are using XLINK platform to develop new IoT business.

Lighting and electrics

GE Lighting, the world’s No. 1 lighting brand and world-class LED system and solutions provider, specializes in LED, light source, lamps and lanterns. With business worldwide, it has leaded the home appliances, lighting and system services in commercial, industrial and residential application areas. XLINK provides software and cloud platform services for GE’s lighting product “C by GE”. The product was officially released in March 2016.

GE Lighting
Smart real estate

Country Garden Group, one of the Top 500 companies in the world. By relying on XLINK’s neutral and open unified IoT cloud platform, it established its complete IoT ecological service system to output solutions to such scenarios as smart offices, smart parks, smart business and smart long-term lease, realizing the comprehensive collection, management and highly-efficient operation of IoT device data.

Country Garden Real Estate
Domestic appliances

Fotile, which focuses on high-end developer and manufacturer of premium built-in kitchen appliances, is China’s No. 1 high-end kitchen appliances brand. By establishing joint research and strategic partnership with Fotile, XLINK provides it with full support in software and cloud platforms.

Fotile high-end smart kitchens
Smart communities

Established in 1987, ChangCheng Property Group Co., Ltd. (CCPG) is among the largest modern property services enterprises in China. CCPG established all-round strategic cooperation with XLINK in 2017, combined the ecological service capability of smart communities of CCPG’s “ENING” with XLINK’s IoT cloud service capacity, in order to exercise unified management and service operation of such scenarios as building access control, going out and home furnishing.

Lighting and electrics

Bull is an electrical engineering group committed to providing all-round power connection solutions. XLINK’s IoT platform has enabled it to quickly realize the use of smart domestic appliances, easily test domestic energy application and security data. XLINK provides cloud support for Bull’s globalization strategy and Bull realizes interconnections with third-party platforms through XLINK’s interconnect gateway, contributing to enhanced customer experience.

Smart communities

Founded in 1998, GREENTOWN is a large comprehensive service enterprise in property services. It has ranked first in China’s Top 100 Property Service Enterprises in Terms of Customer Satisfaction for many years. GREENTOWN joins hands with XLINK to empower thousands of parks with the core connectivity and operation capacity of IoT cloud platform, helping them to realize the integration of people, things and data in property management.


Kärcher is a global leading clean technology supplier with a highly-efficient and resources-saving cleaning system. With 10 large manufacturing enterprises worldwide, Kärcher has developed into a giant “aircraft carrier” in the world’s cleaning industry today. Its consumers are enjoying the excellent functions and quality services of its world-class products. XLINK provides software and cloud platform services for its new smart products.

Smart communities

Poly Real Estate Group Co., Ltd, has been honored as a leading brand in China’s real estate industry for five consecutive years. Relying on community IoT cloud platform and big data, through information management and control, mobile internet and smart sensing technology, Poly Real Estate has realized such applications and integrations as the information management of property, smart monitoring and all-round management, technology-based old-age care and community business.

Poly Real Estate
Operations management

Greenworks, a world-renowned brand of home & garden tools, is devoted to the innovation of garden machinery products. It uses XLINK’s IoT technology to fully upgrade its after-sale services and provide such services as real-time query, device diagnosis and remote configuration. Users can obtain health data of products, power supply data and garden knowledge through supporting software services.

Smart home

Founded in 1988, adhering to the mission of “the science of living”, Gemdale Group has delivered standardized and systematic residential for over 350,000 households in China. Gemdale Group, in collaboration with XLINK, launched 2018 Smart Home Refinement Strategy. The strategy sets Gemdale’s smart home platform as its core for connecting homes and integrates brand devices and ecological ability to deliver to households in a unified way and achieve sustained operation.

Gemdale Group
Smart water purification

Founded in 1998, TRULIVA specializes in environmentally-friendly products, including water purifiers, drinking water equipment and commercial water equipment. As an enterprise with the leading water processing technology in China, TRULIVA initiated the era of water purifiers and water dispensers. XLINK provides integral IoT equipment management solutions for TRULIVA’s commercial rental water purification systems. Backed by XLINK’s IoT platform, TRULIVA has realized the flow of its commercial rental water purifiers from manufacturers to dealers and users as well as the management and control of rental authorization.

Smart business

Shenzhen Yitian Group is the most influential commercial property brand in China. XLINK sets up a smart community comprehensive information management and control platform for Yitian. The platform integrates the parking lots, smart access controls, smart homes, building control system and other property systems within the property to improve the quality and efficiency of the residential property management services.

Smart water purification

ECOWATER, a high-end water purification brand owned by Marmon Water/Berkshire Hathaway, provides whole-house water purification solutions for families. Its main water purifier relies on XLINK’s IoT platform to deliver smart interaction experiences to users via WeChat. By utilizing the components of XLINK’s operation platform, ECOWATER is able to quickly realize IoT operation by forecasting the lifetime and sales of users’ consumables and quickly insight data to support business decisions.

Smart parks

Nanjing Yinkun Group takes real estate marketing, planning and agency as well as the investment and operation of urban creative industry parks as its core businesses. Yinkun works with XLINK to build a general platform for smart parks featuring services and operation and makes use of its resource advantages to establish the service ecology and data platform for C-end users, B-end users and third-party service providers in the parks.

Yinkun Real Estate
Lighting and electrics

OSRAM Lighting, one of the world’s most innovative lightning companies boasting a number of world-leading patents, is also one of the world’s two leading lighting manufacturers. It has 46 manufacturing plants in 17 countries as well as clients in nearly 150 countries and regions. XLINK provides cloud platforms, software support and global cloud platform solutions for its Asia-Pacific-version smart lighting products.

OSRAM Lighting
Smart business

CIMC MYESLIFE is a delivery locker brand with the highest coverage in Shenzhen, penetrating over 3,000 residential complexes and over 3 million households in Guangdong. It provides free, convenient and safe services, including 24-hour all-round monitoring, parcel pickup by scanning QR code with WeChat, remote opening of lockers and multi-functional cabinets with fridges and fast food. XLINK provides it with cloud platform support as its strategic partner and third-party service provider of smart communities.