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X-Data (XLINK Data Platform) provides such data services as data analysis, data visualization, data insights and machine learning, characterized by visual and easy-to-use data analysis interfaces and customized data reports. The platform capacity and data interfaces are mature and open, able to quicky integrate with enterprise’s own systems.

Simple and easy to use, multi-dimensional analysis
Customized visual battle map and instrument panel, able to make arbitrary dimension analysis of devices and third-party data in a centralized way, and able to use data to gain business insights through simple configurations.
Gain business insights from data
With IoT data as the core, assist customers to deep mine information out of IoT data and understand data situation in an all-round way from macro level to micro level through online data reports, so as to improve the data insights of IoT enterprises.
Improve IoT M2M services
Integrate multi-party data sources for enterprises, make full use of data to realize intelligent prediction of device fault, drive automatic decision-making of IoT devices and realize the M2M intelligent application of IoT.
Features and functions
Data visualization
XLINK Device Management Platform provides device manufacturers with visual data analysis components, objective represent device operation status in straightforward ways, and transform data into diverse visual figures and charts with rich content.
Data analysis
Collect and analyze device operation data to the cloud and provide database connection and standard data API interfaces so as to provide customers with all-round data reports.
Data intelligent services
Make full use of all data, introduce robotic learning, realize such intelligent scenes as intelligent prediction and warning of device fault.