Cloud platform drives innovation. XLINK opens up the wonderful IoT future for you.


X-Develop provides enterprise customers with technical support and services from development to mass production stage. Mature and highly compatible embedded SDK adapt to mainstream wireless chip modules; APP SDK and example source code provide enterprise customers with professional technical support services; abundant RESTful interfaces open service capability to SaaS applications and third-party systems; such development tools as platform emulators assist with mass production tests.

Rapid low-cost development
XLINK platform has strong universality. It supports cross-platform and cross-protocol communication protocols and wireless chips, enabling manufacturers to quickly get the hang of it, satisfying the diversified market needs and assisting manufacturers to quickly advance the development progress.
More extended applications
The platform has over 200 open interfaces, convenient for manufacturers to conduct extended application development of data or integrate with existing business systems. They can also be used for data export and in-depth analysis.
Provide guarantee for mass production
Provide support for the prototype development of products before official mass production. Tests and verifications are carried out within enterprises. Besides, convenient test production tools and service support will provide significant convenience during mass production of products.
Features and functions
Device SDK
Based on cross-platform design, it can quickly support such platform architecture as Linux, Android and Window. You can freely choose your IoT chips for either intelligent items such as Wi-Fi and BLE or gateway products using Zigbee, RF or Z-Wave protocol.
Application SDK
Provide APP SDK and development documents, compatible for iOS, Android and HTML5 embedded interface; provide the example source code of general business functions on APP. Professional technical support saves 70% development volume for enterprises.
Hardware native simulator
Real communication protocol can be used in the development stage to interact with clouds and applications so as to realize the parallel development of software and hardware and fundamentally solve the problem of out-of-sync software and hardware development progress. This can significantly shorten the development period.
RESTful interface
Provide diverse data interfaces based on HTTP RestFul and open service capabilities to SaaS applications and third-party systems, making it convenient for manufacturers to conduct extended application development of data. Manufacturers and developers can also carry out secondary development and integration based on platform expansion.
Debugging tools
Develop a set of debugging tools for hardware engineers, which enable them to independently complete all debugging of hardware and clouds without relying on software development progress. They can debug the connection and instruction interactions between hardware and clouds in five minutes and optimize the hardware development process.
Production test tool
Automatic test tools that assist mass protection customers include the configuration management of firmware, volume licensing, flexible activation mechanism of devices etc. Assist mass production customers in automated testing, establish highly-efficient and reliable smart products mass production test systems for customers to lower the influences of product intelligence on production capacity.