Cloud platform drives innovation. XLINK opens up the wonderful IoT future for you.


XLINK connection platform (X-Link) can help traditional enterprises quickly access IoT.The fastest access to advanced XLINK IoT platform can be done in one week. The platform provides global cloud-based remote control and management of devices. The highly scalable platform architecture easily copes with the concurrent connection of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of devices, reliably and safely connection your products to IoT. The open platform architecture enables easy connection with third-party platforms.

Improve network deployment capability
XLINK connection platform simplifies the development process, making it unnecessary for hardware manufacturers to put in a lot of efforts to establish complicated network architecture. Instead, they can connect in a short period of time. Highly scalable platform architecture can also extend rapidly according to customer needs.
Global network services
We understand the regional differences of global networks. XLINK connection platform has made adequate technical and resource reserves for this. You can have real-time access to products in any location of the world.
Interconnection with third-party platforms
The open architecture of the connection platform can support your intelligent interconnection with such platforms as WeChat, Amazon Echo, Google Nest and Homekit so as to support your endeavor to extend the ecological interconnection capacity of products.
Features and functions
Fast connection
XLINK provides highly integrated embedded communication firmware and APP SDK. The fastest access can be done in one week.
Global services
Cloud network covers such main regions as North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, providing guarantee for the availability of global access of IoT products.
High carrying capacity
Based on the strategy of flexible intelligence, adaptive flexible scalability and extension can easily cope with the concurrent connection of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousand devices.
Open interconnection
Based on the open architecture design, over ten external interconnection platforms have been connected, including Amazon Echo, Tmall Genie, Google Nest, Google Home, Homekit, Huawei Hilink, WeChat, Haier and Midea. Customers can rapidly realize the capacity connectivity between their own hardware products and other platforms through platform configurations.
Safety and stability
Platform safety strategy has been implemented in all aspects from end devices to cloud platforms, cloud storage as well as mobile applications and access to external interfaces, providing important guarantee for enterprise data and safe use of products by users.