Break the challenges of the diversity of IoT devices

Solve the problems related to unified connection, management, operation and ecological integration of devices in different scenarios.

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Exercise real-time monitoring of data on water quality/air with IoT technology and monitor the lifetime of filters. Start fault self-check automatically to provide guarantee for aftersales services.

Visual device management
Identify product improvement plans based on popular models and sales volume. Identify marketing strategies according to the number of users and market distribution.
Dealers and VIP management
Manage dealer channels with high efficiency, optimize channel structure, standardize business systems and adopt appropriate marketing means and strategies to future extract the values of VIPs.
Consumables management
Set different filter lifetimes based on the water quality of different regions. Precisely plan the production, inventory and distribution of filter screens.
User precision marketing
Understand the needs of users thoroughly. Effectively market to specific user groups, increase users’ brand loyalty and increase user stickiness.
Device access type
Household Water Purifier
Commercial water purifier leasing
F&B Industry
Public Places