Break the challenges of the diversity of IoT devices

Solve the problems related to unified connection, management, operation and ecological integration of devices in different scenarios.

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Smart business

Through in-depth mining of business device data and user data, innovate business operation models, realize in-depth operation and develop an IoT business operation system.

Operation management
Monitor such information as device health, energy consumption distribution and human traffic in real time. Master first-hand data in business scenarios.
Asset management
Realize unified automatic management of device assets “people, land, time and things” and provide real-time tracking and monitoring capability for high-value asset monitoring so as to save human and material resources.
User analysis
Associate user data based on IoT device data, analyze the features of user groups, identify user groups and realize precision launch.
Value-added services
Realize such new business models as self-service, shared service and rental service.
Device access type
Unmanned Retail Equipment
Car washers
Self-service Equipment
Charging Piles
Commercial Leasing Equipment
Delivery Lockers