Break the challenges of the diversity of IoT devices

Solve the problems related to unified connection, management, operation and ecological integration of devices in different scenarios.

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Smart community

Centering on community operation and property services, establish a community infrastructure monitoring center through the unified IoT platform to provide safe, fast, convenient and technological life services for community residents as well as intelligent and information-based community management ability for property service providers.

Infrastructure real-time monitoring center
Conduct real-time monitoring of the energy consumption and failures of community infrastructure and establish an alarm service center to rapidly respond to device failures and realize whole-process management and control of orders and personnel.
Smart traffic
Exercise unified management of such traffic equipment as parking system and access control and establish a centralized traffic data center to realize real-time data collection as well as unified management and operation of smart traffic within community.
Smart home
Establish an integrated IoT platform for smart homes that is compatible with multiple protocols of smart home devices so as to realize linkage between devices from different brands and different manufacturers.
Device access type
Parking System
Access Control System
Power Supply and Distribution
Water Supply and Drainage
Elevator Control
Landscape Irrigation