Break the challenges of the diversity of IoT devices

Solve the problems related to unified connection, management, operation and ecological integration of devices in different scenarios.

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Intelligent lighting

Make use of IoT technology to bring into play the linkage function of lighting energy systems and enter different application scenarios so as to exercise unified management of control experiences, energy consumption monitoring and smart maintenance.

Device control and health management
Realize unified control and scenario linkage of lighting equipment through the cloud platform and monitor the operation status of devices in real time.
Data algorithm access
特Able to access third-party quality database and algorithm in specific application scenarios and realize data determination and device linkage through cloud access and integration.
Energy optimization
Exercise unified management of energy consumption data. Connect lighting products through the cloud platform. Collect historical energy consumption data and trends for strategy optimization.
Smart maintenance
All-weather device health monitoring. Automatically trigger orders to realize efficient smart patrol, repair and maintenance.
Device access type
Home Lighting
Commercial Lighting
Outdoor Lighting
Landscape Lighting
Specialty Lighting