Break the challenges of the diversity of IoT devices

Solve the problems related to unified connection, management, operation and ecological integration of devices in different scenarios.

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Smart property

Establish a unified IoT platform through IoT technology to increase the technological content of real estate development and operation and sustainability of operation in an all-round way, and realize the management system featuring general control by the group and hierarchical delicacy management so as to develop enterprises’ own smart property ecology.

Unified platform management
Realize unified operation, hierarchical management and real-time comprehensive data collection of multi-model complex scenes such as business, property, communities, parks and homes.
Cross-device configuration connection
Exercise unified management of devices from different brands, different product types and different communication protocols.
Application service output
Export integrated application services to different application service roles such as property, owners, employees, operators, third-party service providers and merchants.
Device access type
Residential Property
Commercial Property
Commercial Office Property
Cultural and Creative Park
Long-term Rental Apartment
Techtown Property