XLINK lighting cloud

As the most professional IoT cloud platform for smart lighting, XLINK lighting cloud serves the management and operation of lighting devices in various environments, including home lighting, commercial lighting and smart city.

IoT innovates the lighting industry.

Internet of things to the lighting industry has brought innovation

Urban lighting

Demand-based lighting, energy management and failure management,
Smart dispatching and smart city operation

Commercial lighting

Large-scale control, commercial management and failure maintenance

Home lighting

Connect usersPerceive interconnection Innovate experiences

Intelligent lighting Architecture Diagram

Intelligent lighting Architecture Diagram

Smart city

Smart City

Demand-based lighting and energy management

XLINK IoT platforms can be utilized to connect devices, establish the smart city energy system, and realize the smart dispatching, demand-based usage and high energy-efficiency of road lamps based on the need of road conditions, thus achieving maximized optimization of energy efficiency.

Failure management and smart dispatching

The powerful device management system of XLINK IoT platform enables real-time monitoring of devices as well as diagnosis and management of device failure. It engages the alarm service engine to obtain abnormal status of equipment, for the purposes of providing data support for remote maintenance and maintenance performed by personnel, and subsequently optimizing the cost-efficiency of manual maintenance.

Smart city operation

The openness and compatibility of XLINK IoT platform lend support for lighting devices to fully involve in the area of smart cities, integrating urban public services such as Wi-Fi hotspots, environmental data, statistics of passenger traffic and vehicle traffic as well as charging services, achieving the all-round transformation of smart cities.

Commercial lighting

Commercial Lighting

Flexible application scenarios

The scenarios are diversified and free from restrictions. XLINK smart lighting solutions can cope with the needs of environment and people based on the diversity of commercial lighting, enabling flexible combinations among various lighting devices and achieving demand-based interconnection across different sections, so as to fully meet the lighting demand of different functional sections in commercial scenarios.

Energy equipment management

The smart management of energy equipment uses visual data to conduct real-time monitoring of the correlations among energy consumption, passenger traffic and system running parameters of equipment and meteorology change, grasping the principles of changing energy consumptions and eventually realizing multi-dimensional energy-saving operation and management.

Commercial integration

Intended for improving owners’ overall operation and management capabilities, and by opening the capability interfaces of platforms, it achieves deep integration of lighting systems with various external systems in commercial scenarios, including security and protection systems, car parking systems, property systems and service systems, establishing an integrated commercial management system.

Home lighting

Home Lighting

Connect users; connect data

Reach the terminal and engage users in operation. Obtain data to support the manufacturers’ product research and development or market operation.

Interconnection of perception

Realize interconnection among security system, sensors and LBS to make lighting more human-centered.

Innovative experiences

Match with music, story and audio to make lighting experiences more interesting.

They have chosen XLINK.

They are using XLINK platform to develop new IoT businesses.

GE Lighting, the worlds’ No. 1 lighting brand and world-class system and solutions provider, specializes in such products as LED, light source as well as lamps and lanterns. With business worldwide, it has occupied the leading place in the mainstream home appliances, lighting and system services in commercial, industrial and residential application areas. XLINK provides software and cloud platform services for GE’s lighting product “C by GE”. The product was officially released in March 2016.

GE Lighting

OSRAM Lighting, one of the world’s most innovative lightning companies boasting a number of world-leading patents, is also one of the world’s two leading lighting manufacturers. It has 46 manufacturing plants in 17 countries as well as clients in nearly 150 countries and regions. XLINK provides cloud platforms, software support and global cloud platform solutions for its Asia-Pacific-version smart lighting products.

OSRAM Lighting

Pak Lighting offers a wide variety of lighting solutions covering commercial lighting, office lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting and home lighting. XLINK provides global cloud platform solutions for its smart lighting products, enabling the intranet-extranet switch of devices and interconnection among various lighting devices, helping it cope with the diversified application scenarios of lighting, and facilitating its integration of such aspects as online store and smart devices management.

Pak Smart Lighting System

Kingsun Optoelectronic is the first and only listed company in semiconductor lighting industry that places LED lighting as its main business. It focuses on such areas as street lighting, LED indoor lighting and LED landscape lighting. XLINK provides software services and cloud platform solutions for its smart street lamps and lighting of security and protection systems. By relying on the interconnectivity of XLINK platforms, it achieves interconnection with Amazon Echo, fully implementing the global strategy for smart lighting.

Kingsun Optoelectronic