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Country Garden

As a practitioner of China’s new urbanization process and the builder of global green ecological smart cities, Country Garden Group established all-round strategic cooperation with XLINK in 2017. By relying on XLINK’s neutral and open unified IoT cloud platform, it established its complete IoT ecological service system to output solutions to such scenarios as smart offices, smart parks, smart business and smart long-term lease, realizing the comprehensive collection, management and highly-efficient operation of IoT device data.


ECOWATER Systems, a high-end water purification brand owned by Marmon Water/Berkshire Hathaway, provides whole-house water purification solutions for families that pursue quality living. Its main water purifier relies on XLINK’s IoT platform to deliver smart interaction experiences to users via WeChat. By utilizing the components of XLINK’s operation platform, ECOWATER is able to quickly realize IoT operation by forecasting the lifetime and sales of users’ consumables and quickly gain insights out of data to help with business decisions.

Fotile high-end smart kitchens

Fotile is a developer and manufacturer focusing on high-end built-in kitchen appliances. Its businesses include three areas, namely, kitchen appliances, integrated kitchens and overseas operations. Its FOTILE brand now has eight product lines, becoming China’s No. 1 high-end kitchen appliances brand. By establishing joint research and strategic partnership with Fotile, XLINK provides it with full support in software and cloud platforms.


Kärcher is a global leading clean technology supplier with a highly-efficient and resources-saving cleaning system. With 10 large manufacturing enterprises worldwide, Kärcher has developed into a giant “aircraft carrier” in the world’s cleaning industry today. Its consumers are enjoying the excellent functions and quality services of its world-class products. XLINK provides software and cloud platform services for its new smart products.


Established in 1987, ChangCheng Property Group Co., Ltd. (CCPG) is among the largest modern property services enterprises in China and has been regularly topping the list of leading enterprises in market-oriented operation of China’s property management industry for a long time. CCPG established all-round strategic cooperation with XLINK in 2017, committed to combining the ecological service capability of smart communities of CCPG’s “ENING” with XLINK’s IoT cloud service capacity, in order to exercise unified management and service operation of such links as building access control, travel and home furnishing.

Poly Real Estate

Poly Real Estate Group Co., Ltd, a large state-owned listed real estate company owned by China Poly Group Corporation, has been honored as a leading brand in China’s real estate industry for five consecutive years. Relying on community IoT cloud platform and big data, through information management and control, mobile internet and smart sensing technology, Poly Real Estate has realized such applications and integrations as the information management of property, smart monitoring and all-round management, technology-based old-age care and community business.


Founded in 1998, GREENTOWN is a large and comprehensive service enterprise with property services as its foundation and smart technology as its core. It has ranked first in China’s Top 100 Property Service Enterprises in Terms of Customer Satisfaction for many years. GREENTOWN joins hands with XLINK to empower thousands of parks with the core connectivity and operation capacity of IoT cloud platform, helping them to realize the integration of people, things and data in property management and SaaS operation.

Smart real estate IoT for the Future: 2018 China Smart Real Estate Innovation Trend Forum was successfully held.
On April 24, 2018 China Smart Real Estate Innovation Trend Forum hosted by E-House China and XLINK and co-hosted by Guangdong Real Estate Association was grandly held in Intercontinental Hotel in OCT, Shenzhen...
Analysis丨The pre-installation market landscape viewed from the smart home industry report
Recently, iResearch issued 2018 China's Smart Home Industry Report. According to the report, driven by national policies and residents’ needs, the smart home market in 2017...
Sammy Lei from XLINK: Establish a unified IoT platform to race on the future track of real estate!
On September 1st, Future Racing Track-Cross-boundary+Innovation Summit hosted by IT Share and Real Estate Innovation Laboratory and co-hosted by XLINK was officially held at Summer Palace Hall of Shanghai Hong Qiao State Guest Hotel...
Blockbuster丨In search for smart life explorers, Real Estate IoT Research Institute unlocks the new applications of smart real estate.
In recent years, driven by such technological factors as IoT, big data and artificial intelligence, real estate, a major player in China’s economic system, is undergoing high-speed...
XLINK|National Low-carbon Day: How much do you know about air source heat pump?
June 13 embraced China’s sixth National Low-carbon Day. Since the concept of green life was put forward, the idea of energy conservation and environmental protection has enjoyed popular support. Many fields have seen the beginning of energy efficient and low-carbon...
Exploring the age of smart enterprises丨XLINK: IoT drives smart real estate innovation.
On May 30, the fist China Real Estate CIOC Future Summit jointly held by the four data application service providers of E-House China, namely, CRIC, Zhuxiang, Grandinsight and XLINK was held in Bellagio Shanghai, Shanghai...
Do you think you can drink clean water without concern after installing a water purifier?
In recent years, with the successive exposure of such news as secondary pipe pollution and poisonous barrel incident and given that the traditional form of water boiling cannot completely eliminate the remaining pollutants such as chlorine and heavy metal in water,...
China’s first Real Estate IoT Academy was officially established!
In the information era, the real estate industry has been seeking changes in the major wave of internet. Innovation has become a standard. Real estate enterprises are relying on the developed internet and IoT information technologies to provide users...
Let innovation lever real estate|XLINK: IoT breaks down data isolation
Innovation has become a standard for real estate enterprises. More and more innovative businesses such as long-term rental apartments, urban renewal and industrial property have been written into the strategies of real estate enterprises. Development of various fields is getting more and more mature and the models are also...
20 people only|Smart real estate IoT for the Future: A hundred experts invite you to assist the grand cause together.
With the continuous breakthroughs and development of internet, IoT and AI technologies, the concepts of smart real estate, smart community and smart home are gradually walking from imagination into reality...
Let innovation lever real estate|XLINK-The Second Real Estate Gravitation & Innovation Summit is about to be grandly held!
With XLINK, the No. 1 brand in smart home IoT cloud platform, as the chief partner, the summit joins hands with CRIC, China’s largest company that leads real estate information and consulting big data services...
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